Family Blessed After Receiving Psalm 91 Prayer

I started watching Joseph Prince on YouTube in October 2015. When my family and I found out about the Grace Revolution USA Tour 2015, we registered for the event.While waiting in anticipation for the event, it felt as if the enemy was trying to stop us from going. My

Daughter Restored With Baby After Miscarriage

On November 21, 2015, during the praise and worship session of Pastor Prince’s Grace Revolution USA Tour at Barclays Center, I heard God speak to me in my spirit that He was going to restore the grandchild I had lost. You see, on January 17, 2015, my daughter

Restored With Sense Of Security In God’s Love

Pastor Prince, I am a twenty-year-old male from Alta, Norway. I grew up feeling insecure because my parents divorced when I was five. My dad was also unaffectionate toward me because he did not receive any love from his own father.I always had this question: Is there …

Family Relationships Restored

My marriage used to be furiously stormy—my husband became abusive toward me after he lost his job and money in 2005. Our three children were still toddlers at that time. I cried painful tears due to his physical, emotional, and verbal assaults. We had been to various …

Holy Communion Brings Healing To Damaged Ankle

In October 2012, I was in a severe car accident and suffered a compound fracture, causing protrusion of my ankle bones that required several surgeries.While recovering at home over a long period of time, I found Pastor Prince’s ministry on television and have been …